Why it’s important to wear safety helmet while riding?

All riders are entitled to a natural sense of freedom on the open road while riding a motorcycle. However, there are serious dangers associated to rider’s life and it becomes more serious when someone rides without a helmet. A motorcycle’s design does not allow the structural protection that a car allows to ensure the driver’s safety during any unfortunate accident. Therefore all the motorcyclists or bikers need to take extra measures and precautions to protect themselves. The most crucial and sensitive part to protect is head. Hence, there are safety helmets available for the protection. Here are the some benefits of safety helmets that can help you understand the importance of being safe at the work place.

Protects from Head Injuries

Safety helmets are designed to provide protection to individuals specifically from severe injuries in head which may occur due to accidents while riding or in some cases while working at any construction site. As we all know that head and brain is the most vulnerable to injury in a bike accident or road accident. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration studies of non-fatal motorcycle injuries reveal that riders who did not wear a helmet had higher health care costs, longer hospitalization, longer recovery periods, and an increased loss in quality of life.

Safeguards against Slips and Fall

Drivers and passengers who wear safety helmet during riding that increases their chance of survival significantly over non-helmet wearers. Wearing safety helmets ensures the person’s safety when he/she falls or slips on road in any situation while biking. Helmet reduces the risk of severe physical injury. Traumatic brain injuries that are non-fatal usually have serious and long-term results.

Offers Protection from Sun

Specifically keeping bikers or motorcyclists in focus, the safety helmets whether they are full face, front open or all purpose helmets are designed in a way to provide protection from the harmful rays of sun during riding. These protective helmets assist in reducing the chances of heat stroke and tiredness in drivers or in the construction site workers.

Provides Adequate Ventilation

Most of the people don’t prefer helmet due to over thinking for discomfort and ventilation issues but these days mostly helmets are better ventilated and comfortable to wear. So, if you are not wearing helmet due to this reason then please start wearing adequately ventilated helmets because if you are not doing so, then definitely risking your life.

Shields the skin and head from dust and Pollution

Some people are afraid of wearing helmets because of fear for hair loss but unaware of the fact that pollution and dust are going to affect both your hair scalps as well as skin. If you are a decent helmet wearer then you will be less exposed to these factors and hence will be protected from harmful dust particles and pollutants.

There is fatal risk of traumatic brain injury thus it becomes crucial for motorcyclists to take action to protect themselves while riding. Wearing a helmet is one of the major precautions recommended by the Department of Transportation that a rider can follow to enhance the chances of safety on the open road. So please buy a hard, strong and suitable helmet and be safe!