How many types of Helmet are there & which one is suitable for you?

Are you a motorcyclist? Are you a bike stunt lover? Are you a normal biker? If yes, then here we go! Riding a motorcycle liberates a person in a better way because one can actually feel the winds of freedom while riding. If you are a passionate biker or an aware citizen who prefers driving for personal comfort you all deserve to be safe on an open road. It’s your duty to keep yourself safe while riding. In this context there is variety of helmet models available in the market or online market from where you can choose perfect and comfortable one for you. As we all know that helmet is the most important accessory of riders that keeps their head and brain safe hence, reduces the overall risk of dying in an accident by 37 percent. There is nothing in your hand that can provide guarantee of your safety on road but it’s in your hand to protect yourself to increase the chances of survival if something bad happens.

There are different types of helmets designed with different approach to provide comfort and protection. Let’s take a glance through that

Types of Helmets

As per the above discussion we come to point where you can differentiate the features of different helmets on the basis of technological and safety advances, there are a lot of options to choose from size, color and design.

Full Face Helmet

This kind of helmet is designed to protect not just your head but your jaw and face as well. It covers the top, back and front of your head and is set apart from similar helmets by its chin bar.

Open Face or ¾ Helmet

Open face helmets are interestingly very similar to full face helmets except they don’t have chin bar and mostly no face shield either. An open face helmet will allow you to feel more wind on your face but it also opens up the possibility of higher risk of injury in a crash or road accident.

Modular Helmet

It’s one of the popular helmets. They are able to transform from a full face helmet into an open face helmet. The chin bar flips up or can be removed entirely that will offer the feel of both types of helmet.

Half Helmet

This is the most common helmet among the scooter drivers or can say middle class family of India. These half helmets are designed to offer the minimal protection to an individual. Lacking the safety features they show extreme lightweight characteristics.

Off Road or Motocross Helmet

It is the most unique among all the clan of helmets. These are off road helmets equipped with specific features meant for riders who race motocross. They have sun visor and an elongated, angular chin bar.

Dual-Sport Helmet

Dual-sport helmets are a hybrid of an off road and full face helmet involving a sun visor and great ventilation feature. They provide more warmth and sound proofing than an off road helmet. If you’re a professional and passionate rider looking for a helmet to take on and off the road, then dual-sport is a perfect choice.